The medical crew at this soccer match sure didn't achieve its goal.

Puns aside, these guys at a soccer match in Israel proved to be something out of a Benny Hill sketch when they dropped an injured player from the stretcher they were going to use to carry him off of the field.

Obviously, if a guy needs a stretcher he's hurt. We're not talking some simple "walk it off" cure here, which makes the whole scene that more ridiculous.

The two paramedics, though, are as out of sync as a guy who leans in for the kiss while the woman sticks out her hand to shake it at the end of a first date.

The injured player is so annoyed that he decides he'd rather scrap the stretcher altogether and limp off with the aid of a teammate who eventually just picks him up and hauls him to the sidelines.

And here you were thinking all this time that healthcare is so much better everywhere else in the world than it is in the U.S.

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