You said one of your goals for the new year was to travel more. Is there a cooler way to travel the country than in a 27-foot-long hot dog? 

No. No, there is not and now YOU have the opportunity to jump behind the wheel of a tradition that's put smiles on the faces of hot dog lovers for 85 years! Oscar Mayer has open the search for their next class of "Hotdoggers." That's the title given to the twelve lucky applicants that will act as brand ambassadors for the famous Wienermobile.

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Over the span of a year, hotdoggers take the iconic vehicle to radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery retail and charity functions so that lifelong fans have a chance to get up close and personal with one of the most unique vehicles on the road.

When 2020 prevented large gatherings around the Wienermobile, the Hotdoggers got creative and started making appearances at small marriage proposals, weddings, senior photo sessions and birthday celebrations.

As you can see, the job gives recent college grads a chance to build their resumes by managing their own traveling public relations firm, organizing promotions and other marketing tasks. Their ideal candidate is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of the Arts or Bachelor or Science degree in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing but all applicants with a degree have a shot at this very cool full time job.

Know someone PERFECT for the job? Click HERE for more details on how to apply!


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