Um...anyone lose a horse?

You have to admit the Treasure Valley is a unique place to live.  There aren't too many places you can be on a run in a regular residential neighborhood and come across a cow penned up in someone's backyard. This cow really does exist and it lives at the corner of E Greenmeadow Drive and N Sharon Drive in Meridian, a stone's throw from The Village at Meridian and Kleiner Park. Our running club, who meets Wednesdays evenings at The Village, actually gets excited to see when the cow will return each Spring.

Anyone out in about in Nampa on Tuesday may have come across a similar, but slightly more exciting, experience with a farm animal! According to Channel 2, Nampa Police responded to a call of a horse running loose in the neighborhood near Augusta and Lake Lowell Avenue.

The good news? With the help of a concerned neighbor, they were able to catch the horse, which they believe to be 15-18 years old and get it safely to the West Valley Humane Society.  The bad news? No one knows who it belongs to!

If you or anyone you know is suddenly missing a horse, you can get in touch with the humane society at 208-455-5920. You will need proof of ownership to be able to take the horse home with you. Click HERE to see its photo!

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