It may well be the most famous cow in the Treasure Valley--at least for this week. It didn't take long for photos, videos, and commentary to make it's way around social media in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell for this little story.

Over the past few days, we have been seeing cold temperatures, snow, dangerous road conditions, and we've even survived a "Snow Squall".  Do we know that that even is yet?

Only in Idaho, however, would this cause talk of bad traffic: a cow.

News began to surface around the middle of the afternoon on Sunday as drivers warned of significant traffic issues between Caldwell and Nampa on Interstate 84. NO, there wasn't a major crash, an influx of construction or a snow squall--but rather a COW in the road--and by road, we mean Interstate 84.

West bound is backed up now as well. Multiple police on scene with the cow it's in the median

One Facebook user commented.  Of course, the commentary continued-- one user claimed to watch it all unfold:

Was behind the trailer hauling the cows by the Dutch Bros in Caldwell, trailer side door wasn’t secured and a cow was getting it’s back legs drug out the side. We honked at him and he eventually stopped and 3-4 cows ran off

The overwhelming consensus of it all? The poor cow was just trying to cross the road. The story ended peacefully according to another user:

And an hour later traffic is still Backed up for Miles East and westbound because everyone wants to see the action. Cow is roped, two people on horseback and a cop in attendance. Crisis Averted

Credit: Sabrina Minshall & Ellen Tingstrom
Credit: Sabrina Minshall & Ellen Tingstrom


Editor's Note: Photo and video footage included in this post were used with explicit permission from their respective owners. 

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