Congratulations! Kevin & Brenda's "Incredible Kid" for November is Ryder Mittleider, an 8 year old third grader at Paramount Elementary!

Ryder Mittleider


Ryder's Mom Katie sent us this when she nominated her son:

Dear Kevin and Brenda,
I would love for you to meet my son, Ryder. In fact, I would like everyone to know Ryder. He is that kid that will always put a smile on your face, a laugh on your lips, and fill your heart more than you think possible. He has a laugh that makes it impossible not to laugh right along with him, and a sparkle in his eye that guarantees that it will always be a good time when he's around.

He is fearless. He does not shy away from new things or unfamiliar events. Last year, when he moved from a class of 4 kids - 4- at Maranatha Christian School, to a class with 25 kids in it. He did it without hesitation and with a smile on his face. Within days he was making friends. It is one of his strengths that I wish I could emulate.

He is caring beyond measure. The other day, we were driving down the street and we were passed by an ambulance, sirens on and lights flashing. From the back seat, I heard him say, "Dear God, Please hold on to whoever is in trouble and needs help right now. Help them not be afraid, and to not be hurt. Amen." He does this every time we see an emergency vehicle responding to an incident. I asked him one time what made him think to do this, and he said to me, "Well, God is the only one who can really help someone out, and send help when someone is in trouble. I just want the doctors to have all the help they can have."

He is giving. When his older brother mentioned wanting a new wallet to keep in his backpack, he spent an entire evening making him one out of masking tape and paper, and coloring it just the way brother would like it. He will always find something to compliment some one on. Whether it is my freshly painted toe nails, or my husbands "good job of cleaning up the garage." He never forgets a birthday, and will even start working on the handmade card or gift he will give weeks in advance.

He is impossible to sum up, as he is unpredictable and ever evolving. I wish I could be just like him in every way.


As November's "Incredible Kid" Ryder will be receiving:

Classroom pizza party from Papa John's

Family night at Wahooz Family Fun Zone

Autographed book from the Richard Paul Evans "Michael Vey" series

Follow this link if you have an Incredible Kid you'd like to nominate. Each nominated kid will get a certificate mailed to them for a dozen free Krispy Kreme doughnuts.