With virtually no responsibilities on our plate Sunday afternoon, we experienced some serious winter regrets.

Heading into this weekend, hubby and I didn't really think about the fact that this would be the first Sunday in months where we weren't filling the day by watching football. By noon, we'd already ran our errands and exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. Our dinner reservations wasn't until 6 o'clock and were struggling for ideas to pass the time.

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"We should've bought a sled," I eventually blurted out, knowing that by so late into the weekend they'd be impossible to find. One of my Cyclebar instructor was on the hunt for one Saturday afternoon and it took her visiting four stores to finally find one!

If you've struck out finding one, but still want to head out to Simplot Hill, Camel's Back or another one of Boise's sledding hot spots you're not totally out of luck! In a pinch, these are some solid DIY alternatives!

5 DIY Sleds Perfect for Winter Fun in Boise

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