"It's so safe here that people really don't lock their doors."

That was something we heard over and over again during the interview process for our first jobs in Boise. Growing up in rougher parts of the country, that sentiment was a huge selling point for Idaho's capital city. 11 years in the future, that statement might not be as true as it once was. Heck, we've had stuff stolen from our accidentally unlocked cars twice in less than a year.

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But overall? Boise is still one of the safest major cities in this part of the country. That's something you can say with confidence after seeing the unrest and violence that broke out in places like Seattle and Portland last summer. For the most part, you don't feel unsafe enjoying things like the Greenbelt, farmer's markets or walking around downtown, even at night, like you do in other cities.

That said, Boise and the surrounding area still missed the mark when it came to this year's SafeWise "State of Safety Study." When they published their list of the safest cities in Idaho for 2021, no cities in Ada County made the list and only one city in Canyon County did. While putting together the list, they took into account population, median income, violent crime and property crime rates (for the past three years.)

Much of that data came from the most recent FBI "Crime in the United States" report reflecting known offenses in cities across the state in 2019. Last year, Meridian was the only city in Ada County that made SafeWise's Top 10 list, checking in at #7. It dropped to #11 this year, likely in part to the rise in violent crime.

So which cities DID rank in the Top 10? Where did the rest of the Treasure Valley rank? Keep reading to find out!

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