Pho has become very popular in America and Boise is no different when it comes to loving delicious Vietnamese food.  208 Pho & Vegan opened their first restaurant on Fort Street back in 2016 and business has been very good.  So good, they're ready to take their big bowl of rice noodles, meat and slow-simmered broth to another location which is 7310 W. State St and YES, as of now, its officially open.

208 Pho & Vegan focus on authentic Vietnamese food, and it also targets a veggie-only crowd making it unique and different.  According to The Idaho Statesman, customers rave about 208 Pho & Vegan saying the portion sizes are extra large, the flavor is out of this world, and the price is fantastic.

If you're one of those people like me who had no idea how to pronounce 'Pho' for about the first two years, it's pronounced 'Fuh'.  Yeah, weird.  I know, but that's it.  Oh, and slurping along with sipping or flat out drinking from a bowl of pho is absolutely alright.  It's actually encouraged.  Below you can check out a video of how exactly you're supposed to eat this stuff.  I know, I know... seems like common sense until you're sitting down with a client and have no idea what you're doing.  Trust me on this one.  You're going to wanna watch the video.

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