One does not go to Target just to purchase one item.  One walks into some weird alternate universe where you pop out the other side with a red basketful of at least 15 items you never knew you needed. 

We don't know how it happens.  We don't know why it happens. But I can tell you that whatever sorcery is at work when you walk into a Target store is the reason I own way too much fall decor and cutesy office supplies after go shopping for post-run snacks. Sounds like every Target run you've been on, right?

You're blushing because you know it's true! Well, starting next month you'll finally get rewarded for your impulse purchases at Target! On October 6, they're launching a new loyalty program called "Target Circle" that's totally free to enroll in and there are some cool perks when you do!

According to Tech Crunch, when you enroll in the new loyalty program you'll get access to savings and special offers on the categories you shop the most often: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Baby, Home & Patio, Electronics & Office, Toys & Video Games, etc.

You'll also receive 1% earnings with every purchase which doesn't sound like a lot, but if you shop at Target a lot anyway you can start storing up those benefits now to put toward Christmas shopping in the next couple of months!

The perks don't stop there. Circle members receive a 5% discount on their big day and get to vote for which non-profits Target should contribute to!

It's a cool option for people who don't want to sign up for the Target REDcard but still want to get rewarded for their Target Run! When the program launches in the Treasure Valley, all you need to do to get on board is give the cashier your phone number.

REDcard members and account holders will automatically be enrolled.

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