I have Cancer (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma). It's incurable, all I can do is manage it and keep its ugly head from rearing up.  I'm at least 6 years past my expiration date and have done it without Chemo. You read it right, I've had Cancer for over 10 years, I'm doing just fine keeping it at bay and I haven't had one dose of chemo. I've been charged for it, but never took it. (BTW, if you're the bill collector who has that $2,200.00 bill, I'm still not paying it, cause I never took it)

Because I'm a radio show host and not a doctor, anything I have to say about cancer gets tossed in the trash and I'm tired of it.  In 1993, I started down the road, learning about ways to heal the body, so when I was told I had cancer, I knew what I was going to do and it worked.  In the last 10 plus years, I've spent countless hours reading and studying the items I take to fight cancer and I've found out a combination of two of them that is devastating to pretty much ever cancer there is.

I get asked at least a dozen times a week on my secret. I have to be careful how I word things because the FDA will put me in prison and throw away the key for a couple of years if I use words like "cured", "healed" and a dozen others. I can't tell you to take or do anything. I can only tell you what I do or what I would do.  Our government, in an effort to protect us, is killing thousands every year with their ignorance.  Get the idea I'm a little irritated, just a teeny bit.

I got asked to help a friend just over a week ago, so I told them about CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and green tea extract.  So they got some and told their doctor. This is the part that totally sent me off the deep end. Their doctor told them to quit taking the CoQ10 because he didn't think it would do anything and he didn't know how it would interact with the medicine she would be taking. What! You're a doctor, you're supposed to know about this stuff.

The Mayo Clinic a couple months ago published the results of a 20 year study on CoQ10, which said "100% of the people who came in that had all kinds of cancers, were Co Enzyme Q10 deficient," that's every person, not just a few of most, EVERY. Knowing that, don't you think EVERY doctor in the world, especially cancer doctors should know this. To me if they don't they need to be fired. It also says every person who has cancer should be handed a bottle of CoQ10.

This last month being "Breast Cancer Awareness Month," you would think someone would bring up CoQ10, but they don't.  CoQ10 is incredibly effective in not only fighting Breast Cancer, but preventing it.  Once again check the Mayo Clinic for many studies, every last one of them backing CoQ10.

If you're over 30 you should be taking 100mg's a day. I'm going to include a link from the Mayo Clinic on what CoQ10 is effective in fighting or helping with. Link about Co Enzyme Q10 from the Mayo Clinic, take this to your doctor and if they even ignore you, fire them on the spot.

Because of that interaction, I'm going to be re-posting my blogs about "My Life With Cancer," so make sure everyone you know takes a few minutes each day to read them, it just may save their lives. By the way, I'm also not selling anything and I don't have any stock in anything, no really, I'm too broke to buy stock.

I may go to jail for this post, but I'm tired of being quiet, people's lives depend on it.

Kevin Mee