When you're done with your cancer treatments, you get to ring the bell. Everyone gets together, there's lots of clapping and cheering and then the clang of the bell.  Now this bell is supposed to be a kind of celebration of you being finished with cancer.

I never have rung the bell. When I was through with the 18 weeks of zapping the first time, I just slipped out.  Nobody really noticed it was my last time and I didn't bring it up. I suppose for some people it may be a big deal, but for me, I knew the battle wasn't over and never would be.

I think they should have a ceremonial bridge or door that you walk through, kind of like going through a door to the light on the other side when you die.  You're just off to another journey. When you fight Cancer, you're never done. If you want to live, you will make it a battle every day for the rest of your life.  I want to live long enough to be a problem for the government, good lord knows they are to me at times.

As for the bell, I know I will sneak past it again, more than likely this winter.  Actually I'm saving up for just before I pass to the light.  I'm gonna slip back for a minute and smack that bell silly for each time I was able to sneak by.