It's been an interesting week waiting for the results from my CAT Scan and from the Mayo Clinic on my tumor. I realized today that I am stressed thinking about it. I have to go through radiation and the doctors want me to do Chemo, even though there is no evidence of cancer anywhere else in my body.

So as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm also playing with a canker sore inside on my lower lip.  There are only two ways to get those, stress or virus.  I'm going with stress.  The doctors keep telling me I'm doing a great job fighting this, but they don't know how I'm managing to keep the cancer confined to the tumors.  The problem is for the most part doctors don't really listen.

Case in point, when I was in Seattle with Dr. Pagel's assistant, didn't listen to a word I said.  He asked me questions I had already filled out on the question form, so he was looking at the answers.  So as he was asking questions, I would say things like "only when my butt itches" or "Every Sunday during football season".  Since he didn't even look up and kept saying "Uh Huh" even while I was talking, I knew we was on autopilot.

That's what I love about Tim Sawyer, he listens, he wonders why things happen, he is stuck in the world of medicine and all its rules, but he still asks why. Tim may disagree with how I'm managing my cancer but he knows I have firm beliefs in how I want to do it and respects my decisions. Tim is still very skeptical of how I'm doing it, but he is only because it's something he hasn't studied.

All the doctors including my Guru, Ryan Cole, want me to get a bone marrow draw.  A bone marrow draw is a real pain in the @$$.  The doctor has to go all the way to the center of the bone to get some bone marrow. The only way to do that and not break any bones is to take it from your hip area.  If you want they will give you something to take the edge off, even so it's kind of interesting feeling your bones getting scraped.  It's the last test they have to try and find anything besides the tumor.  Then they will start asking questions.

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