If you look real close you will see me standing behind the photographer.

I'm at Axiom off 84 and Meridian road yesterday afternoon, when I remembered to call my doctor to get this tumor on my back checked.  Well I was working on my back when the tumor reminded me it needed some attention.


Yep, that's pretty much what it looks like and acts like.

I called Ada West Dermatology, Dr. Burr is there and he has taken care of my other tumors. I expected to get the "well we don't have anything open for awhile," which was fine with me since we are booked solid for the next 3 weeks. That turned into "We have something open tomorrow and Dr. Burr wants to see you right away,"  when I told them the tumor has been causing me some minor pain every once in a while.


Call me nuckin futs, but I'm not worried about it.  Dr. Burr will biopsy it, we will find out it's some sort of Lymphoma and he will either remove as much of it as possible and I'll get some Godzilla Zapping.


Would that be freaky to see?

I will probably be getting Radiation Therapy on my spine in the middle of my back. So let's take a moment and imagine what kind of superhero you would be if the zap-o-matic turned you into one.  I think Captain America would be my top choice, followed by Batman, Tony Stark, then Superman.  The other superheros are all limited to one main power where these guys are either rich or have it all.


Which superhero would you be if you could?

Kevin Mee



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