As I waited five hours for my two in the afternoon appointment, I did what I normally to people.  Archie and Maggie were an older couple. Archie had just turned 99 a week earlier, they had been married 77 years.  Maggie was quick to tell me she was only 15 when they were married, but it was OK back then. She was one of he sweetest people I've ever met.  I asked her the secret to them being together so long and she said "oh dear, we all have our faults, so we learned to just love them and let them be."

Archie had been in for his annual physical and the blood test came up with the leukemia.  I asked him if he had felt anything different and he said "son at my age every day something feels different."   So then I asked why he decided to do chemo. He said he wanted to make it to 100, nobody in his family had lasted past 75 and he wanted to be the one to hit that century mark.  The doctors told him that with chemo he had a good chance to make it and without it, well they really couldn't say.  I told him good luck,  I knew if he made it he would be a tough year and a big if, but it wasn't mine to say.

Then there was this squirrelly dude who got around the room and it was a big room, by crawling over the couches. I knew he was headed my way and sure enough as soon as I was done talking with Archie and Maggie, he was there, about a foot away staring me in the face.

"Hi, my name's Jordy, short for Jordan, but Jordan sound too much like a girls name, so I go by Jordy."  Jordy wasted no time telling me his whole story.  He had some sort of cancer they couldn't cure and he would be dead soon, but he was fighting it as hard as he could.  He would come in every month for his chemo treatment and since he was on disability, everything was paid for including his apartment, I could stop by for dinner sometime, don't worry he always had food at his place, he made sure I knew he came in once a month and had for the last 7 years. The whole time he was talking to me he couldn't sit still, he must have sat in some sort or matter in every couch or chair around me.

Jordy was called in for his appointment and I was left to sit and stand, and look at the sound and sit some more, grab another apple juice, you get the idea.  Five hours in this huge waiting room, watching people come and go while I just waited.  Brenda will tell you I'm not the best at waiting and I was wondering how impatient a patient could become.

Finally at 4:45 I was called in for my 2 PM appointment.  I was in a mood by then.

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