Well, our bracket is bust. How about yours? Need something to fill the black hole in your heart previously occupied by your Final Four teams? Then you just have to see these 68 adorable dog photos from all over the Treasure Valley! 

We're going to put this out there now. Next year, when the NCAA tournament rolls around, we will not be the station to give you advice on who to pick in your bracket. I checked our company wide bracket challenge standings this morning. Marco's sitting at 129. I'm at 249...but I have more potential points left on the board. There's still a chance that I can come from behind and be victorious, at least between the DJs on our station!

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If your bracket is also a steaming pile of trash, don't feel too bad. Going into the tournament every year, people who have followed any college basketball throughout the season have about a 1 in 120 billion shot of filling out the perfect bracket.

This year's tournament has been absolutely wild. According to the NCAA, the very first day knocked the number of perfect brackets tracked online in major challenges down to 121 perfect brackets. By the time #10 Maryland took down #7 Uconn on Saturday, there were ZERO perfect brackets remaining.

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The tournament starts again today at 10:10 with Oregon (who didn't have to play their first game against Virginia Commonwealth to advance due to a positive COVID test at VCU) taking on Iowa but at this point, you've given up on watching because you've already lost several of your Final Four teams.

We get it. We're bummed that we have no legitimate reason to watch basketball while we should be working today. If you're feeling the same way, we put together a different kind of "madness" to put a smile on your face.

Over the weekend, we asked our listeners to show us the cutest photos of their dogs so that we could bring you another "at work" distraction! Here are 68 of the cutest dogs* in the Treasure Valley!

Adorable Boise Dog Photos

*Of course, these are 68 of the cutest dogs that we've met! Feel free to post your pup and maybe we can put together a second list of cute doggies! 


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