There's all kinds of ways to enjoy an Oreo cookie. 

Personally, I like to hold mine in the milk just long enough to make it super soggy before it completely falls apart.  Some like to lick the cream filling out of the middle before they go for the dunk.  Then there's the heathens that eat their Oreos dry.

If you're one of the people that goes straight for the cream, you're probably on the look out for Oreo's newest creation! It's not another weird flavor like buttered popcorn or cherry cola. The newest Oreo creation is something Nabisco is calling "Most Stuf."  According to Elite Daily each cookie contains four times the amount of cream as your typical original Oreo and because of their size, only 18 of them can fit in a package.

The cookie started floating around the internet last fall, but wasn't released in stores until after the new year.  Rumors are floating around the internet that the Most Stuf Oreos are only in Rite-Aid stores, but we have special intelligence that it is indeed a rumor!

While Emily was trying to win Canyon County Kids Expo tickets, she admitted that she just bought a package of them last night and tried to stack two of them together.  For the record, you can't fit that in your mouth without unhinging your jaw.  Emily said she found them at the Garrity Walmart in Nampa!

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