Remember last year when thousands of crows attacked Nampa eating everything in sight at local farms and then congregating in the downtown area to sleep at night?  They'd poop all over creating health hazards and of course, this disgusting spectacle was met with a drop-off with consumers deciding to stay home rather than eat out or even go out while that mess was present.

The mayor finally had to legalize trained authorities to shoot and kill the crows to help move them out of the area.  That's how bad this problem was.  Guess what?  The crows are coming back.  Yep, they're coming back and Nampa business owners are preparing for the worst.  The city of Nampa is looking for volunteers to help with the problem.

KTVB reports that some volunteers will be in a mobile unit, with one person recording data of where and what time the crows come to roost at night, while another person will displace the birds.  Other volunteers will be trained to use some of the handheld devices, whether it's a noisemaker or equipment like handheld lasers that will displace the crows.

More than 10,000 crows are expected to descend on the city of Nampa over the next week or two.  Tactics have changed a bit this year and preparation along with volunteers willing to help will be a major advantage in alleviating this problem before it gets out of hand.  Non-violent solutions are a priority this year with the crow problem.  If you're interested in volunteering please contact the Nampa Chief of Staff Robert Sanchez at (208) 468-5411 or email

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