We swear, Boise just keeps getting cooler and cooler. 

Even though we’ve lived here nearly our entire lives, almost every single day we learn about new things that are happening throughout the Treasure Valley that we have never even heard of before!

For instance, did you know that there is an insane month-long challenge that’s going on right now in Boise? Because we sure didn’t!



What are we talking about?

We’re talking about the Boise Trails Challenge, which dates back to 2017 when a couple of local outdoor enthusiasts stumbled upon this intriguing and adventurous idea. 

The challenge is open to all hikers, bikers and trail runners, where they attempt to complete all of these trails in one month’s time – either on foot, bike or both. 

Facebook/Boise Trails
Facebook/Boise Trails


The competition began on June 17 at 12:00:01 am and ends on July 17 at midnight. 

The GPS app that is used keeps track of your progress, and the trails are completed in any order of your choosing. 

The first person who completes all of the trails first, within their separate categories, wins. 

However, simply finishing these tasks in the allotted time is an incredible feat!


How many people have finished?

The first people to complete the challenge this year did so in just over two days. 

However, there are currently 45 people who have successfully finished all of the trails as of today, and that’s out of nearly 1,000 participants. 

Facebook/Boise Trails
Facebook/Boise Trails


One person of note is Ryan Gianelli, who set a new on-foot record just a few days ago.

They completed the challenge in 3 day, 20 hours and 23 minutes – which is more than 50 miles each day!


Do you think you have what it takes?

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