Embarrassing your kids is a tradition in my family. My father turned it into an art form. He took it to the next level when he purchased a giant bird costume and walked around my school clucking like a chicken, handing out candy and calling himself Larry Bird. It probably would have been cool as a kindergartener. I might not have even realized that it was him, but I knew it was him at 14 and in junior high school, and I couldn't wait to leave the school pretending that I didn't know him.

Now, as a parent, I know which of my kids who, when embarrassed, will be very upset and which of them secretly enjoy it. My dad gave me the bird costume in some strange passing of the torch, but I've never worn it. Maybe because my way of embarrassing my kids is different, that is a story for another time, because this is the story of a Middleton dad who decided to start a Tik Tok account. He wanted to increase the number of followers from 60, so he made sure to video his daughter's embarrassing moment.

This dad, Gregory Sumsion, dressed up as Buddy the Elf from the classic Christmas film and did all the best scenes from the film. A lot of Christmas Spirit comes at his daughter, and you can see her embarrassment in the full video below. As for Gregory's Tik Tok, after the story went viral, it was picked up by several national news sites and even some TV, he's now over 36,000 followers.

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