If you look up the word "gullible" in the dictionary, my picture is next to it. 

Last night on the LITE-FM Facebook page, we were talking about Easter baskets, what age your children stop receiving a basket and what you're putting in them this year.  Going through the comments, my gut feeling was "I want you all to adopt me" because many of you are still giving your adult children baskets even though they haven't lived under your roof for years!

Those feelings quickly vanished when I saw our Facebook friend Deborah H. say that she's replacing all the chocolate eggs in her kids' baskets with Boston Baked Beans since Easter also falls on April Fools Day this year. I totally forgot that Easter's actual date was April 1.  Being as gullible as I am, it's my least favorite day of the year.

And in 2012, my co-workers decided to capitalize on that character flaw.  Many of you know that I used to work for our sister station, 103.5 KISS FM.  Working there was like being in a constant prank war, so I'm not surprised that Lucky and Nathan came up with something this awful to do to me.  Check out this fun "Flashback Friday" video of them almost giving me a heart attack.

(Some background information before you watch: The station used to have a different frequency and I was engaged to another man years ago.  The wedding they're talking about is NOT the wedding I'm currently planning.)

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