The University of Norway did a study to find out who has a better sense of direction.

They took 21 men and 21 and gave them an hour to study a maze.  After that hour, they gave them virtual reality goggles, a joystick and then they told them to go from one point to another.  The men solved 50% of the tasks more than the women.

Then they gave the women testosterone under their tongue and had them do the tasks again. After the testosterone, the women performed as well as the men.

So who has more testosterone, er a better sense of direction in your family? In our house, Brenda has a way of saying, "oh I know a shortcut," which means it will take about 20 minutes longer. I, on the  other hand, have been finding my way out of the woods since I was a kid, so I just don't get lost very easily.

Kevin Mee