The man who killed 3 year-old Ruya Kadir and injured nine others during a birthday party won't face a jury until 2020. 

According to KTVB, Timmy Kinner's trial was supposed to begin just after the New Year, but now that the the death penalty is on the table his defense lawyers requested more time to prepare their case.  The request was accepted and the trial is now scheduled to begin in January 2020.

An evaluation of Kinner's mental state has been on going and as of mid-October, the experts examining Kinner have been able to come to a conclusion of whether or not he is mentally fit to stand trial.  They continue to work toward a decision.

Kadir, her family and the other guests at the party refugees he moved to the Treasure Valley to escape violence in their own home countries. Kinner is not a Boise native and came to the Gem State from California not long before the stabbing spree.

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