In recent news, scientists are currently experimenting with a non-hormonal birth control pill designed for men. 

Historically, birth control methods have always been aimed at those who have uteruses, versus those with testes. 

As a result, this puts most of the burden of preventing pregnancy on women. 


However, in a press release, researchers explained that options for men could be coming soon. 

In their initial lab trials, scientists have found that this male birth control was 99% effective for preventing pregnancy in rodents, and because of this, human trials may even start by the end of the year. However, there is no guarantee that it will have the same effect on humans as it did on mice.

If it ends of getting approved and released, it will be the first of its kind.

This is huge, because it would allow more people to take responsibility of their own reproductive health, instead of leaving it predominantly in the hands of others. 

Also, this contraceptive is non-hormonal, so it is less likely to have negative side effects, such as depression, weight gain and decreased libido, which has been a huge concern in the past. 


How are people reacting to this news?

As you could imagine, the internet is having an absolute field day with this information. 






The general consensus seems to be that many men are interested in trying out the pill if/when it becomes available, and many women think that this is long overdue.

What do you think?


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