If there is one thing to be said about First Federal Bank here in the State of Idaho, it is that the team at First Federal is always going above and beyond for the community. Living in an area that is booming as quickly as we're seeing here in the Treasure Valley means that the need for charitable work is only growing, too.

We're thankful that First Federal Bank is not only always finding ways to give back--but they're continuing to do so in such creative ways.

Have you heard about their newest charitable effort here in Boise, the ULTIMATE battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors?

If you're interested in spectating and watching the Tournament of Champions take place--here is absolutely everything that you need to know.

The First Federal Bank Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament of Champions will be taking place on Thursday, September 23rd, at 5:00 p.m. The event will be taking place at Julius Kleiner Memorial Park, which is directly behind The Village in Meridian.

Expect a crowd, a lot of spirit, and some serious competition! A grand total of 32 local businesses will be battling their way to through a tournament bracket--each competitor hoping to give a major donation to a charity of their choice!

First Federal Bank has a total of $16,000 to split and distribute among the top three finishers of this "Tournament of Champions", each individual representing a reputable local charity.

Expect a lot of energy from the stage, as KIDO Talk Radio's own Kevin Miller will be hosting the event and hyping the crowd!

Kevin Miller @ The Snake River Stampede
Kevin Miller / Townsquare Media

Interested in learning more about the event? Click HERE.


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