You know exactly what I'm talking about when I say "airplane cookies." They're those yummy spiced shortbread-like cookies most commonly given to passengers during flights as a complimentary snack and they have no business tasting that good. They're formally called Biscoff cookies!

It's clear that these cookies are adored by the masses. One year, United decided to pull the treat from its service but that decision only lasted two days after people on the internet voiced their opposition.  An Eater editor said it best, “You Can Take My Leg Room, But You Can Never Have My Biscoffs."

Multiple airlines such as United, American Airlines, and Delta provide them. Until recently, flying on one of these airlines was the only way to get your hands on the delicious lotus cookie - at least in America. However, Biscoffs are now available in some U.S. grocery stores and online through Amazon or Target.

Luckily for Boise area residents, there's a frozen yogurt spot that offers Biscoff cookies as a topping! Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt recently shared on their Facebook page.

“'Airplane cookies?!', we often hear people say as they hesitantly eye the Biscoff cookies.

Ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t had this delicious, crispy cookie in your froyo - you’re missing out! It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular cookies on the topping bar. Plus, it makes your froyo just a touch more aesthetically pleasing."

According to Blue Cow, they pair well with most flavors, but right now they are
"looooving" them paired with pumpkin flavor currently!

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