I've already signed up and wanted to invite you to this free class with me. This two-hour class will get you the most likes on social media and you WON'T go blind!

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Are you getting tired of listening to Solar Eclipse warnings, commercials, and news stories yet? You might want to prepare yourself for more considering this is just the beginning. We were actually planning on purchasing hundreds of protective Solar Eclipse glasses for our listeners, but that's when the worrying began. What if we gave out all these glasses to our favorite people and they didn't work? Could we really blind thousands? In 2017, I didn't even want to take a chance. I'm still wondering how to take these night photos without ruining my phone/camera.

Michelle Heart just grabbed me and told me JUMP will be having a class on taking pictures of the Solar Eclipse. I can just tell you that I desperately NEED this class. I love taking pictures and it's something I did for a portion of my service in the NAVY.

Photo by: Kekeluv

This was the best I could do without getting blurry pictures. I'm hoping this class will help me figure out which buttons to push, 🌚 You would be surprised to know you can take much better pictures just by adjusting a few things. Make sure to check settings in your phone because sometimes they're set to conserve space. I have everything set to higher quality for uploading and sharing. I will typically resize on my computer. Here's the class and it's free - only 50 spots available I believe.

  • JUMP Inspire Studio on the 4th floor.
  • Jack's Urban Meeting Place
  • 1000 W. Myrtle St.
  • Bosie, Idaho 83702
  • August 12th from 10 a.m. - noon.
  • Instructor: Rick Ohnsman from Boise Camera Club.

Here's the link to sign-up. Total Eclipse Class at JUMP.