Every morning I wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and drive to work. On that drive, I always pass JUMP and always see the cool and interesting ways they've decorated it. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, I never really noticed how much decorating that they did. I'm not sure that they put as much effort into it then as they do now, but I truly appreciate it as I drive in. Currently, JUMP has closed its building to the public, but outside is wide open. As someone who moved to the Treasure Valley shortly before the pandemic hit, I never experienced JUMP outside passing by in the car. After seeing the emojis a few weeks ago, I decided to stop and park. I didn't realize that you could walk through their courtyard and see the displays throughout it that are really entertaining.

They change the theme each month. Right now, it's all about the schools and their Giggles for Good campaign. On February 1st, the emojis will make way for their next theme: Spread The Love.

According to Jack's Urban Meeting Place, they will be showing love to healthcare workers, teachers, friends, neighbors, and loved ones that make a difference in our world. You will be able to create a heart with that person's name on it. These hearts will be made of wood and will be displayed on the building.

If you are interested in spreading the love to a special someone with a heart, just fill out the form by clicking HERE.

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