Justin Bieber seems to be having a difficult time with things lately. Between his listless Purpose World Tour performances and what appears to be erratic behavior (including but not limited to: Walking barefoot around Boston, throwing gum at a fan, crying mid-song), the concern surrounding Bieber seems to be growing.

The Bieber PR machine has kicked into gear in response, and sources close to the "Sorry" singer maintain that this is all part of your typical former child star growing pains -- another side of the behavior Bieber spent the majority of 2015 apologizing for.

“People have always known you as a kid, and you want to grow up and do different things and not be seen as a kid,” a source told PEOPLE. “What do you expect from someone who was on top of the world, with no proper home?”

Some outlets have speculated that Bieber may be well on his way to canceling the rest of his Purpose World Tour, and if his recent performances are any indication, it wouldn't be a shocking move -- it may even be the right one.

“Two months into it, and he already feels beat,” another source told PEOPLE before adding, “He’s not losing it, though. He’s just trying to find ways to focus."

His rep insists he's "totally fine."

So if you're wondering what inspired him to make the hygienically-questionable decision to walk the streets barefoot, extend his hand to a city-dwelling squirrel and stare vacantly out at the Boston Commons while perched in a tree (see the above video for footage of that last one) — worry not. These are apparently Bieber's attempts at focus, and they're the reason he looks a little wacky to the general public.

"Visiting parks and meditating calms him down," continued PEOPLE's source, indicating that communing with nature helps Bieber deal with the stresses of overwhelming pop stardom. Whatever it takes to avoid a meltdown, right?

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