It has been well stated, that when you visit national parks, you are in the home of the creatures that live there, and not the other way around. It is not a zoo that you go to and feed the animals or try to pet. These are wild animals that are very dangerous and will attack when provoked or they feel threatened. It is also well stated, to keep your cameras handy, because there are times when you witness amazing encounters, such as a bison stampede, a moose chasing a bear, or even a baby bison getting a case of the zoomies. While there are amazing occurrences in nature with animals, and also some dangerous ones, we continue to enjoy watching these animals and exploring these parks. We are not the only ones, that can often get too close to these animals, as one video caught, sometimes the animals in these national parks can get too close to each other.

Video: Coyote Sneaks up on Baby Bear

The video above shows a coyote in Glacier Park coming up on a baby bear, with the young cub not knowing how close the coyote had gotten. The bear eventually turns around and notices the cub, which is where the action begins. The roar of a bear is terrifying, and even in this video is enough to make you check your pants. Imagine being the people filming this, hearing that in nature. There then is a big brown ball of fur storming down the hillside, to chase the coyote away. Mama may not have been next to the cub, but she is never far behind. The best part is the commentary throughout the video, as it sounds like the hikers filming are making a nature documentary, but at the end, they mention mama bear is looking at them, as the video ends. They made it since the video is posted, but having a mama grizzly look at you, knowing she is angry, can't be an easy feeling.

Seeing Baby Animals in the Wild

Credit: Thomas Lipke on Unsplash
Credit: Thomas Lipke on Unsplash

Seeing how the mama bear came to the rescue in this video, should serve as a reminder when out in the wild to avoid all baby animals. They may be adorable and seem harmless since they are babies, but even though you can't see them, doesn't mean that mama isn't nearby. As the video showed, there was no sign of another bear at all, until the roar, and the speed at which she came down that hill, is intimidating. The coyote was able to get away, but a person may not be so lucky. It doesn't matter if it is a bison, moose, elk, or any other animal in the wild, seeing a baby is always scarier than seeing a grown one alone. 

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As tourist season begins to end, and you take those final camping trips, be cautious and smart. Do as the people did, keep your distance, and respect the animals, especially the babies. Don't sneak up on any or try to approach them, or you may be the coyote in this video, wondering what went wrong. 

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