If you're living in the Treasure Valley and aren't familiar with the state of Boise drivers, you've probably been living under a rock... or you aren't on social media. Same difference? The jury's out but one thing is for sure, people are still voicing their honest (and brutal) opinions on the ability level of Boise drivers.

The Ultimate New Year Resolution

We've all heard of and seen people make resolutions that deal with health, weight loss, and even improving finances. But what about improving where we spend a huge chunk of our time - our vehicles? According to a study on Tempo, the average person will spend about 37,935 hours of their life in a vehicle. That is a long time and all the more reason we should want to work on our driving.

Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash
Photo by Nabeel Syed on Unsplash

We took to social media to ask the drivers of the Treasure Valley what resolutions drivers should try and aim for in the new year.

But first, can we address the "zipper method"?

One of the resolutions suggested for Boise drivers included the infamous "zipper method." One law firm appropriately explains the method as follows:

Using the zipper method means that you use both lanes fully until you reach the defined merge area. Once you reach the end of the drivable road, you then enter the opposite lane. Cars already in the lane should do their part to take turns getting over and allowing cars to enter the highway at that time.

What's the issue, you ask? It's simple - this would require everyone on the road to be courteous to one another and maintain a level of patience that isn't always easy, especially in rush hour traffic.

Perhaps this is further proof that Boise drivers should strongly consider some of the resolutions suggested by the people of the Treasure Valley.

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