Sorry, y'all. Winter isn't done with Idaho yet.

Fool's spring/false spring, no matter what you call it, it sucks. Year after year, we watch as our friends, neighbors, and co-workers get catfished by sunshine in March.

From one day to the next, they're swapping out their snow boots for flip-flops and winter coats for crop tops. They're ready to storm the Boise River with their inflatable rafts and floating coolers. And you know what? We're happy for their happiness. Momentary and fleeting as it is, we get it.

After four months of slushy streets and gray skies, we want to drive with the windows down just as much as they do. The difference is that we don't let it go to our heads. This isn't our first rodeo by a long-shot.



Winter's about to snow on Idaho's spring parade. 

Based off what the old reliables at Farmer's Almanac have to say, the first five days of April 2024 are going to be chilly with periods of rain and snow. The good news is that Long Range Weather Forecast for Intermountain predicts the buck stops there. After Idaho gets the last of the winter blues out of its system, we can look forward to a snow-free April.

  • April 6-12: sunny & warm with a few showers
  • April 13-24: showers up north, sunny down south with chilly-to-warm temps
  • April 25-30: showers & mild weather

Overall, this isn't the worst false spring we've ever had. Heck, it snowed in May last year. Still, when it comes to Idaho weather, seasoned locals avoid disappointment and delusional fantasies about floating the river in March by taking it one hour at a time.

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