I can understand someone not enjoying being scared for their life or for other dangerous situations, but who doesn't love to read or see a good ghost story once in a while? We could look at the happenings at Pocatello High School or one of Idaho's most haunted bridges... but let's go deeper. We want to hear paranormal stories from Idaho locals themselves.

Where did these stories come from?

We asked the people of Idaho on social media to share their most terrifying paranormal encounters and they didn't disappoint. As a matter of fact, if you have a terrifying story, I would love to hear about it here. Even better, if you have a photo and/or a video of the encounter, send that over and I'll feature your story right here with full credit to you!

Without further ado, let's dive into the most terrifying Idaho ghost stories that will surely have you leaving the lights on. Let's get to it...

If You Want A Nightmare, Read One Of These Idaho Ghost Stories

Idahoans share their scariest paranormal activity experiences that will give you nightmare fuel.

A lot of that is going to be a huge "NOPE" from me. But, we can't talk about ghost stories in Idaho without talking about ghost towns in Idaho. Let's take a visit to some of the ghost towns that you can visit... if you dare...

Visit 8 of Idaho's Creepiest Ghost Towns, At Your Own Risk

These Idaho ghost towns are full of history, but are spooky enough to give even the strongest of heart the heebie jeebies.

Of course, if we're going to talk about creepy ghost stories... we can't forget about a particular ghost in Boise that enjoys visiting a downtown Boise club.

Remember Downtown Boise's Nightclub Ghost?

When hundreds of bodies fill into StrangeLove on a Friday or Saturday night, the venue is far from quiet. Loud music keeps the dancefloor going, patrons are screaming and yelling, celebrating and singing along, fighting with their boyfriends--whatever it may be. That only accounts for two nights of the week, though. What about on the other nights when you could hear a pen drop in the empty club? How about a barstool dropping?

According to club owner Ted Challenger, the club has a resident that has been dead-- for years--since about 1906. Her spirit lives on, allegedly, and this security cam footage is chilling!

Yeah, creepy right? Take a look at the video and make sure to check under your bed when you're done...

@theshitaclubownersees Ghost !!! She has been with acting up lately .follow me for videos of bottles be flung . This is our video surveillance . #ghost#haunted#ghostvideo♬ original sound - Ted Challenger
Now, if you'll excuse me... I am going to go bless my house.

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