The team behind a popular Boise restaurant broke ground for a new location on Wednesday (3/8) afternoon.

Nikolai Castoro, the owner of Coa De Jima and Barbacoa Grill, is bringing Coa Del Mar to Eagle later this year. The groundbreaking for the restaurant was held in Eagle today and is in a prime location.

According to the Eagle Chamber of Commerce, Coa Del Mar is expected to bring 250 jobs to the Eagle community which will certainly help the economy. The restaurant itself sounds amazing and the concept looks amazing in the photos. Coa Del Mar will be 10,000 square feet and located at 2121 E. Riverside in Eagle.

The Eagle Chamber of Commerce said in a statement:

Located along Eagle Lakes off Riverside Dr. and Anacona, surrounded by stunning scenery and trails, Coa Del Mar's 10,000 square foot building will take architectural cues from Barbacoa and Coa de Jima, but with a more Eagle-feeling twist. This new restaurant will feature fresh seafood, while also having their famous steak options.

Let's take a look an up-close look at the groundbreaking ceremony that took place on Wednesday (3/8).

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You can check out more photos from the event below from the Eagle Chamber of Commerce Instagram:

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