The Treasure Valley protects its own once again and this time, they assisted police in apprehending murder suspect, 29-year-old Justino Morales Ramos.

According to a press release from Caldwell police:

On January 11, just after 1 a.m., Caldwell Police arrested 29-year-old Justino Morales Ramos. Ramos was a person of interest in a homicide in a Nampa apartment in the 1800 block of 1st St. N., reported to police on January 9.

In an insane turn of events, it sounds like the suspect went into hiding following the discovery of his heinous crime at a Nampa apartment on Monday. The press release goes on to say that a Caldwell woman took in the suspect after picking him up at a business. Apparently, the woman provided shelter before seeing a photo of the suspect in the media and realized that she was harboring a criminal on the run and called the police.

According to the press release, the suspect was brought in without incident or force.

“Once again, our wonderful Caldwell community proved to be an integral role in ensuring a violent predator was brought to justice. Thank you for trusting us enough to call. Nampa PD and Caldwell PD work seamlessly together and with our communities to keep everyone safe,” said Rex Ingram, Caldwell Chief of Police in the press release.

Murder charges are currently pending against the suspect.

The Treasure Valley comes through again

This is further proof that the community will always rally and look out for one another. Sure, the woman harbored a criminal but when she did, she didn't know that yet. At one point, this criminal was on the verge of fleeing to Mexico. Shout out to the community and our local law enforcement for their hard work in bringing a criminal to justice.

In case you missed it...

According to Nampa police, they received a call about a "deceased individual" in an apartment in the 1800 block of 1st St. N. Apparently, the person who called the police along with others in the community hadn't seen the victim in several days. This led to the discovery of the body in the apartment. According to their post on social media, they treated the case as a homicide and on Tuesday afternoon asked for the public's help in catching the murderer.

On Tuesday evening, Nampa police shared that they identified the suspect as 29-year-old Justino Morales Ramos. Police said he also goes by the names Gustavo, Faustino, and Roberto. He's Hispanic, 5'5" in height, weighs 140 pounds, and has brown eyes with brown hair. Authorities say he also has a tattoo of Jesus's face on his left forearm.

Once again - thanks to law enforcement for taking this monster off the street.

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