The people of Boise have spoken and it's time that we recognize some of the most underappreciated jobs in all of the Treasure Valley. We took to social media to ask you which jobs in the Treasure Valley were the most underappreciated and you didn't disappoint.

Don't worry, we appreciate the essential jobs

Military, first responders, postal workers, and anything else to do with health, infrastructure, etc... yes! We appreciate you and you don't go unnoticed. That being said, I took to social media to ask you, the people of the Treasure Valley: which professions are the most underappreciated?

While I would agree that our first responders and military could always use more love, there's no question that we all show it regularly. There are, however, some professions that a lot of us don't think of to thank every day.

I know my picks don't count but right off the bat, I'll say that the people who keep us connected to the internet are legit unsung heroes. Sure, a lot of the job consists of making sure that it simply "stays on", but when it goes out? We're all sent back to the Stone Age. We take a lot of things for granted every day and it's time we celebrate the unsung heroes of the Treasure Valley.

Let's get right to it!

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