BOISE, Idaho. Nestled near charming 13th street, this historic duplex is a nod to cozy floor plans of eras gone by. Unlike the cavernous layouts of today's builds, it appears this Boise residence was designed with togetherness and petite people in mind.

Home Features

Built in 1900, the adorable 2,170 sqft yellow home is but a stone's throw away from the shops and restaurants of 13th street. Minutes down the street from the many trails of Camels Back Park, this home is a fantastic find for locals who love free PT and connecting with Boise's active lifestyle community. But let's take a look at what else this gem has to offer:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • baseboard electric heating features
  • a detached one-car garage w/ 3 parking spaces
  • and a fenced-in backyard

If you're thinking all of this sounds great but you're wondering what makes this home such an ideal match for the petite Boise resident, keep scrolling!

This Is the Perfect Boise Home for the Vertically-Challenged

👀 If you're vertically-challenged/livin' life on the petite side, check out the Boise home that requires no step stools or ladders to reach anything you might need.

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The Master Closet In This $1.7M Boise-Area Home Will Make You LOL 😆

Hat-tip to the current homeowners for giving us something rare & real to LOL about in this master closet!

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🐸 Boise Home Way Overdoes It On The Green Paint

BOISE, Idaho. In case you missed it, 2022 was the year of green.

From homeowners to homebuilders, last year's Harris Pole showed 62% of Americans would introduce a green color scheme into their home.

Scroll on to check out the greenest paint job we've ever seen in Boise.

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UPDATE! See What Happened to the Creepy Abandoned Mansion in Eagle

Riverstone Resort-Style Community in Eagle, Idaho

UPDATE: It caught the attention of tens of thousands of locals, and now it's gone! As creepy as it was, we're glad we were able to capture photos of the mysterious piece of local real estate. New photos are at the end of the gallery.

Join me as I explore an abandoned mansion in Eagle's premier luxury community. Nestled on the banks of the Boise River, the once-beautiful waterfront property is outfitted with a mote, a bridge, stables, a taxidermy shed, and a basketball court!

From Riverstone's gated entryway, to the private road that leads to the curious ruins, scroll through a gallery of exclusive, never-before-seen pictures.

Love local real estate? You're in good company! Scroll on for a series of spectacular galleries featuring the Boise-area's most eye-catching homes!

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💎 A Beautiful $69k Mobile Home Makes Meridian Living Affordable

Interested in making this mobile beauty your home? Keep scrolling!

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💧 Waterfront Home is One of the Prettiest New Builds in Star

📌 Northwest of Boise, Star has conserved the charm of small town living while embracing exciting growth and development.

Scroll on to tour one of the prettiest waterfront properties we've ever seen in the beautiful town!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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