I know, it's crazy to think about but we're already nearing the end of 2022. As cliche as it may sound, this year has flown by, and now is the time to start planning how we'll tackle the new year with improvement and change.

Resolutions are wild when you think about it: it's essentially a promise to yourself that we all give up by March. Now that I think about it, where are you at on your new year's resolution? Have you accomplished your goal? Did you achieve it earlier in the year and move on? I am genuinely curious to know and you can let me know here!

As great as Boise is, I'm confident that we all agree the City of Trees could be a little bit better. So, what if Boise or even Idaho had new year's resolutions for 2023? What would Boise commit to changing and where should it focus?

We asked locals to share their suggestions and I must say that there are some solid suggestions. Out of all of the suggestions for Boise's new year's resolutions, I have to admit that my favorite is Idaho and California living in harmony. It's time people. Could you imagine what Boise would be like if there was no animosity towards people based on where they came from? I suppose I could dream.

Whether it's related to driving, legalizing Ontario's finest, or simply living in harmony with outsiders moving into Idaho, let's dive into new year's resolutions for Boise as suggested by Boise locals.

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