From gorgeous rooftops, to perfect patios, Boise has a wide selection of delightful restaurants to enjoy. But when it comes to treating your significant other to an incredible time, these two joints know how to turn up the ambience & the charm to make for a memorable day or night out.

Ambience is Everything

Whether it's your first date or your 10-year wedding anniversary, a restaurant's ambience sets the tone for the evening. If done well, it can frame the current state of your relationship or what you hope it will become in the future.

Our Top 5 Considerations

Assembling ambience can be challenging. That's where we step in as your Boise date night wing-friends. We chose two spectacular restaurants to help you craft an evening you and your partner will never forget. In addition to ambience, we based our selection off four other key considerations.

  • Price Point. How much you're willing or able to spend makes a significant difference in how the date will turn out. Because of this, we chose highly atmospheric restaurants that won't break the bank.
  • Best Feature. While either restaurant boasts an array of unique features, we chose one with a spunky interior and another with a more classic, romantic exterior.
  • Happy Hour. From cocktails to mocktails, we selected two restaurants with excellent daily drink specials.
  • Local Reviews. To keep it balanced, we looked outside of our own opinions. Local reviewers touch on everything from first sights to first bites!

Wine & Dine Your Significant Other at 2 of Boise's Most Romantic Restaurants

Treat your significant other to a memorable day or night out on on the town at two of Boise's most romantic restaurants!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Downtown Boise's Perfect Patio Crawl for Outdoor Dining

Ask almost any Idahoan, and they'll agree life is better lived outdoors. When it comes to dining alfresco, it's no different! Scroll on for a top seven list of outdoor dining venues that make for the perfect Downtown Boise patio crawl!

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Top 10 Boise 'Cheap Eat' Restaurants

Eating out can add up quickly so in light of that we wanted to help you (and myself) out with some affordable eatery options in Boise. These are the highest-rated cheap eating places in Boise according to stacker who used data from trip advisor. Note that these are not all full restaurants, some are just desert places while others specialize in a few great things. They are all worth trying for sure.

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

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