UPDATE: It caught the attention of Idahoans statewide, and now it's no more! As eerie and bizarre as the abandoned mansion was, how cool is it that we have photos of it to cherish for a lifetime? If you've never seen the home, we hope you enjoy exploring what used to be Eagle's craziest piece of real estate.

New photos are at the end of the gallery.

Riverstone, a Resort-Style Community

Eagle, Idaho. Prepare to explore a curious abandoned mansion discovered in Eagle's newest resort-style community. Sitting aside the quiet banks of the Boise River, the massive waterfront property features a mote, a bridge, stables, a taxidermy shed, and a basketball court!

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Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela // Canva
Photo Credit: Ryan Valenzuela // Canva

One-of-a-Kind Design

From the moment I first laid eyes on it, the mansion's extraordinary design had me hooked. A cross between the sort of octagon bungalows you'd find in the Midwest and an early 2000's Idaho home on steroids, the concealed structure is absolutely singular.
From Riverstone's gated entryway, to the private road that leads to the curious 20th Century ruins and beyond, scroll through a gallery of exclusive photos.

What Happened to the Homeowners?

Aesthetics aside, what rendered the mansion vacant? Was it left unoccupied and abandoned due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other financial or legal reasons? Perhaps the previous homeowners were struck by tragedy? That last question might seem ridiculous now, but it'll make sense after you tour the property.
Before we embark upon our quirky adventure, take in the quote below that perfectly captures the spirit of the abandoned Eagle mansion.
I always find it curious to discover a home left as if in a state of interrupted daily life, with clothes still hanging like flaccid skins in a closet. Despite the rubble of personal effects, I can imagine someone sitting in their favorite chair, smoking an evening cigarette, or tinkering on their best friend’s truck in the garage. –Mike Correll

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UPDATE! See What Happened to the Creepy Abandoned Mansion in Eagle

Riverstone Resort-Style Community in Eagle, Idaho

UPDATE: It caught the attention of tens of thousands of locals, and now it's gone! As creepy as it was, we're glad we were able to capture photos of the mysterious piece of local real estate. New photos are at the end of the gallery.

Join me as I explore an abandoned mansion in Eagle's premier luxury community. Nestled on the banks of the Boise River, the once-beautiful waterfront property is outfitted with a mote, a bridge, stables, a taxidermy shed, and a basketball court!

From Riverstone's gated entryway, to the private road that leads to the curious ruins, scroll through a gallery of exclusive, never-before-seen pictures.

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