Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of us will be sharing what we're thankful for with our friends and family around the table. Now, maybe it's because of the way my mind works but is it possible that there are people who are thankful for the "wrong" reasons? Does that make any sense?

Like, is it possible that there are people who are thankful for things that you and I would otherwise think suck? Is it possible that there are things we shouldn't be thankful for?

Think Thanksgiving but the total opposite. I'm not talking about being thankful for horrible acts of mother nature or any sort of violence. I'm talking about being thankful for something like a bad batch of gas keeping your neighbors off the roads. And for some reason, you're happy about it because you get to play in the street worry-free. It sounds horrible but that's the point, right?

I took the top six things that we've seen the community share or sound off on this past year that had the most negative tones and connotations. I rummaged through Facebook comments, messages, and even emails that I've gotten about topics people seem to be extremely passionate about.

Hopefully, it goes without saying that these aren't to be taken extremely seriously as it's more or less a fun way to poke fun at what grinds our gears. That being said, perhaps we missed an awful thing or two to be thankful for. Even better, maybe you are thankful for something that is considered "awful"? Let me know what that is here and I promise I won't judge you, heck, we may even add it to the list.

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