The West Valley Humane Society (WVHS) has shared a touching story about Indy, a loving 2-year-old Doberman Pinscher mix who has been patiently waiting for her Boise area forever home for over 7 months, spending the last 4 months with a local foster family.

Indy has been thriving at her foster home, showcasing her affectionate and loyal nature, and her foster family has reported significant improvements in leash and kennel training. Indy has mastered housebreaking, and she now uses a doggie door effortlessly.

Indy has a knack for entertaining herself playing with toys and she's been described as a "low-barker" with an alert disposition. She will effectively alert you if needed or if someone is approaching.

Indy - West Valley Humane Society
Indy - West Valley Humane Society

Here foster family shared a letter from Indy that expresses her desire for a family of her own. In the letter, she details her achievements, from running for extended periods to alerting her family when necessary etc.

"People say I am very affectionate, loyal, smart, spirited, and attentive. My perfect day would be to lay in the sun when we are in the yard together, play with my toys for a while, then snuggle with you in the evening to watch a good movie."

Indy - West Valley Humane Society
Indy - West Valley Humane Society

Indy is looking for a loving home where she can be the only pet, emphasizing her loyalty and love for human companionship, and her story serves as a reminder of the many animals eagerly waiting a long time for their forever homes, and the West Valley Humane Society remains committed to connecting these deserving pets with loving families in the Treasure Valley.

Find more event information here. To adopt, foster, or learn more about the dogs available at the West Valley Humane Society, visit

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