Idaho may be flawed; however, compared to our surrounding states, the Gem State continues to be the envy of the Mountain West. With all respect to Utah, Wyoming, Washington, and Oregon, let's examine why our state is the best.

Idaho's growth may have slowed, but most Idahoans would happily encourage folks to move to other states rather than continue adding to the overcrowding in the Gem State. Perhaps Utah is the only state that comes close to rivaling Idaho.

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Let's compare our surrounding states and why they lack the same quality of life, as well as American values found in Idaho.

Oregon is a mess. The state is so bad that more than three-fourths of the state wants to become part of Idaho. The state's attempt to decriminalize drugs has resulted in the state rescinding the law due to too many people using illegal drugs without consequences. 

Washington State has Seattle, which is a mess. Their governor ran for president and had to bail out due to no one following his platform. The trash, excessive taxes, and rising crime rates are a few of the reasons people want out of Washington. Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed several gun control measures. 

Wyoming reminded many of Idaho before the rest of the country discovered it. However, the state has a small population to rival the Gem State. There are many lonely mountains and small towns in Wyoming. 

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Utah has Salt Lake City and a professional basketball team. The state looks to Idaho as an example of how to govern with a pragmatic Conservative direction. The traffic in Salt Lake is so bad that it makes our traffic seem quaint in comparison.

Idaho's government and lifestyle stand-alone and will continue to outshine its nearest rivals. 

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