Despite inflation and rising interest rates, Americans continue to move to Idaho. A recent United States Census Bureau report via KIVI  ranked the fastest-growing Idaho cities.

The report detailed the growth of Idaho's twenty most significant cities and their growth pattern from 2021-2022. It may not surprise you that nineteen cities experienced growth while Idaho's capital, Boise, did not.

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Boise, Idaho's most famous city, is at a crossroads. The current mayor has been plagued by scandals and lawsuits involving the Boise Police Department. The city council is looking at approving a massive project that would update Boise's zoning requirements.

Several public interest groups fear that the quaintness of Idaho's capital may be lost due to the greed of overzealous developers. Another troubling sign for Idaho's largest, Boise was the only city that decline -0.6%.


Meanwhile, Meridian, Nampa, and other Idaho cities continue to benefit from Boise's issues. One Treasure Valley led the way in growth, leaving every other Idaho city in the dust when comparing growth rates.

This city has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and other publications for its adherence to traditional American values that continue to attract folks from all over the country.

Like every city in the Treasure Valley, this city struggles with overcrowding schools and congested roads. Unlike other cities in Idaho and America, this Idaho city declared itself a Second Amendment sanctuary city. 

Folks that live in Boise continue to struggle with high taxes and escalating home prices. Mayor Lauren McLean ran on a platform of affordable housing but few have seen any affordable homes in Boise.

We'll continue to report on the situation in Boise as it develops, however let's get to Idaho's Fast Five....

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