There was a time when every prominent Idaho Republican proudly backed former President Donald Trump. The president carried the Gem State significantly in the 2020 Presidential Election. Although during the 2016 runup to the nomination, Texas Senator Ted Cruz won Idaho.

Mr. Trump did try to influence Idaho Republican Primary by backing then Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin in her attempt to dethrone Governor Brad Little in the 2022 Republican Gubernatorial Primary.

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During Mr. Trump's presidency, it was not unusual to see Idaho's Congressional Delegation send social media messages supporting the forty-fifth president. The state Republican Party would also show their support through social media for the president when he was serving and post-presidency.

During President Trump's most pressing crisis, Idaho's Republican leaders are not supporting the former commander-in-chief. A careful search of the popular social media platform Twitter used by influential politicians and media figures, shows no one in the state or congressional delegation Tweeting messages of support for President Trump as he was indicted again. A look at the recent Tweets of the state Republican party mirrors the no mention of the first president to be indicted not once but twice.

Donald Trump
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A further search of Twitter finds very few Tweets even mentioning the historic legal precedent occurring this week. The former president will appear in a Miami courtroom to face the thirty-seven charges brought against him by Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Oddly, the usual suspects of party politics have not at least mentioned the double standard of justice that this case presents. President Biden and his son Hunter have pressing legal questions that have brought further legal scrutiny than President Trump's cases.

We hope that this oversight is a mistake on our part; however, it is very telling that when President Trump needs his Idaho friends the most, he can't find any that will rally to his defense.

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