Ask any person who moved from California to Idaho what was their number one reasons for their move, and they will describe the battle in the Idaho Senate. Last week was a historic week, as we say, matching press releases from pro-amnesty Republicans denouncing a Conservative Senator because he moved to Idaho from California. 

Representative Judy Boyle and Senator Jim Guthrie say that passing a bill that would legalize driving privileges for undocumented or illegal aliens is not a path to amnesty. However, ask anyone who has lived in a 'sanctuary state' where this legislation has passed, and they will give you an earful. 

Big business in Idaho led by IACI, The Farm Bureau, and the Idaho Dairymen Association have backed Senate Bill 1081, which was shelved for the year, reported KTVB. However, the bill had advanced further than ever this year. During the debate over 1081, members of the House and Senate proposed Senate Joint Memorial 101, calling out President Biden to solve the immigration crisis in America. The Senate approved the memorial this week. Breitbart described the memorial as 'Idaho Republicans Plead with Biden to Flood U.S. Labor Market with More Foreign Workers, Approve Amnesty'.

Big Business Approves The Move


The Idaho Dairymen issued their approval in a release: 

“Senate Joint Memorial 101 is a good first step for Idaho in an effort to make a positive impact on our country’s immigration reform,” said Rick Naerebout, Idaho Dairymen’s Association Chief Executive Officer. “Idaho is the third largest producer of milk in the nation, and our year-round business requires a steady and dependable workforce, just like our fellow agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and hospitality employers. I am disappointed in a handful of Senators for misrepresenting the plain language of SJM101 and ignoring the critical need for immigration reform that would benefit all Idahoans and Americans.”


As broken down by Breitbart, these moves, along with Senator Crapo's attempt 'to pass a farmworker amnesty through Congress that would provide more than two million illegal aliens with amnesty,' are all connected.
The move to call out Joe Biden is to provide cover for the legislators who want folks living in Idaho illegally to become legal citizens as the taxpayers subsidize their workforce eventually. Everyone knows President Biden has the worst record on immigration than any other president in the country's history.

Senators Take To The Floor


What the senators and representatives have conveniently left out is the cost to Idaho taxpayers who pay for the social safety net, the education of undocumented children, the higher costs of car insurance, and other economic issues. Employers benefit by hiring illegals because they have more control over them and pay them less than Americans.

Idaho citizens must remind their senators that their path one towards economic liberty but towards Gavin Newsom's California.

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