It seems that national reality tv shows can't get enough of our beloved Gem State. It appears that we've had more national television show filming in Idaho in the last few months than we had the ten previous years.

Idaho used to be the one state that was totally off the grid for reality television junkies. Hollywood loves Idaho so much that most of its big stars choose to vacation here due to our remote nature.

However, the secret is out; whether it shows on the Food Network or PBS, the Gem State has had great national exposure. We believe that run ends tonight with the final Bar Rescue show that was filmed in Idaho.

Guy Likes the Camera

Bar Rescue is a show that, like Kitchen Nightmares, focuses on a failing business that lacks leadership. Playing the part of Gordan Ramsay is Jon Taffer, who rivals Ramsay in his ability to yell and demean people. Bar Rescue is one of the most successful shows on the Paramount Network, although less popular than Yellowstone.

Mr. Taffer usually runs into the failing bar after secretly filming the business in action or inaction. He then yells at everyone threatening them that it's his way or the highway.

What happens next depends on the demeanor of the business owners and their staff. One Idaho bar owner told Mr. Taffer he wasn't the boss of him, resulting in Mr. Taffer taking his booze and going home.

Mr. Taffer and many outsiders fail to realize that Idahoans are an extraordinary breed of Americans who do not respond to threats or name-calling.

Hopefully, Mr. Taffer's experience in Idaho will allow him to be a more patient and understanding person.

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