Campfire Ban Issued for Celebration Park Due to Extreme Fire Danger

Starting July 1st, 2024, Canyon County Parks, Cultural & Natural Resources Department Director Nichole Schwend has announced a campfire ban at Celebration Park. This decision comes in response to heightened fire risks, and the ban includes all fires outside designated fire pits, portable fire pits, pallet fires, rock ring fires, and charcoal grills. However, propane camp stoves will still be permitted for cooking.

The move to prohibit campfires follows several recent wildfires in Ada County, including the devastating fires near Glenns Ferry that burned over 20,000 acres1. With extreme fire danger at Martin Landing, the department urges visitors to adhere strictly to the campfire ban to safeguard Celebration Park and its surrounding areas.

"This ban is crucial to protecting our natural resources and ensuring the safety of our community," said Schwend. "We appreciate everyone's cooperation during this high-risk period."

The recent fires in Ada County have underscored the importance of such preventative measures. These fires have caused significant environmental damage and have stretched local firefighting resources thin. By implementing a campfire ban, Canyon County aims to mitigate the risk of similar incidents occurring at Celebration Park.

Visitors to Celebration Park are encouraged to plan accordingly and use alternative cooking methods. The department hopes that by taking these precautionary steps, they can prevent the outbreak of wildfires and preserve the park's natural beauty for future generations.

Visitors can contact the Canyon County Parks, Cultural & Natural Resources Department for more information and updates on the campfire ban. Let's all do our part to keep Celebration Park safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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