Some of us firmly believe that no one is trying intentionally to be the worst driver they can be. Others might refute that and point to all of the craziness that we see on our roads every day, but surely, there is no way that any of us are trying to break the law on purpose... right?

Nampa Police Has A Friendly Warning For You

Some days, you're in a rush; other days, you have a ton of distractions within the vehicle whether it be from your phone, kids in the car, etc.

Whatever's going on, Nampa police advise you to be on your best behavior if driving through Nampa any time soon.

"We’ll be working some extra grant-funded shifts to help with traffic safety, looking for all sorts of dangerous driving behaviors," Nampa Police said in a Facebook post on Monday.

It's great to hear that our police are getting the opportunity to make some extra cash, we all know they deserve it for what they do every day. But, that being said, you'll want to make sure that you're extra careful as you're bound to see those extra units on the roads.

They'll be looking for violations relating to seatbelts, speeding, distracted driving, and impaired driving to name a few.

Nampa Police shared some glaring data with us all back in April that showed there could be some real issues on the roads of Nampa. Will these extra grant-funded shifts alleviate those concerns? What do you think?

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