It's one thing to see new buildings and parking lots pop up in the Treasure Valley. It's also another thing to see an influx of traffic on I-84... but when you see people blatantly disrespect the Idaho that we know and love, it's a totally different ball game.

What in the world is wrong with people?

Is this a "new people" thing? Are we seeing a result of bad parenting? Whatever the case is, we're noticing more and more a lack of respect toward the things that make Idaho great - in particular, our parks.

We recently shared with you one of Idaho's most breathtaking hidden destinations near Marsing, Idaho, and at the time, it was to show you how great it is.

Today, we're looking at five ways people are absolutely disrespecting an Idaho favorite.

5 Ways People Are Destroying One Of Idaho's Best Hidden Gems

Idaho is home to all sorts of beauty and despite that... there are people who have no respect for the Gem State. This is true with one specific park and we have five examples to prove it...

We can't point the blame to any specific crowd either, but there's no doubt that something is going on. What do you think is causing this destruction?

Let us know your thoughts here! Unfortunately, it's not just Jump Creek Falls on the receiving end of disrespect.

If you like to be outdoors and go hiking on all of the amazing trails in the Treasure Valley, you're probably familiar with people misusing the trails. It's this misuse that has us wondering... why are people doing this?

How And Why Are People Still Disrespecting Boise Trails?

If you want to be inconsiderate and have no shame in upsetting others, here's how you can destroy the trails of the Treasure Valley.

Who or what do we think is behind the misuse of Idaho's natural treasures? Is it the influx of new people or is it visitors?

Either way - if you don't want anyone throwing you any blame, you might want to avoid doing the following things so people don't find out you're a "transplant."

12 Things You're Doing That Show You're Not From Idaho

As the Treasure Valley continues to grow, we wanted to know: what is it you're doing that gives away you're not from Idaho? Here are your responses...

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