The law is always changing but as far as Idaho goes, things are pretty straight forward and as long as you keep to yourself, you should be fine! Heck, you should see what kind of weaponry is legal in Idaho - one look at that and you'll see that Idaho trusts its citizens to do the right thing, the American way.

There is one Idaho law that caught our attention

We have shared countless articles talking about silly laws in Idaho but there's one that had us scratching our heads until we looked deeper into it.

Now, it's easy to think that we're talking about marijuana when it comes to things you should never grow in Idaho - and you'd be right. But rather, we're talking about one of the most popular food items in Idaho.

A food item that is so signature to Idaho, that every outsider asks you if you're indulging in them if you live in the Gem State.

You guessed it: potatoes... but WHY?!

We were shocked too! It almost feels anti-American to not be able to grow your own potatoes in Idaho but it actually makes a lot of sense.

When you rip open a steamy, freshly cooked baked potato with the word "Idaho" attached to it, you've got to uphold a certain reputation.

A reputation that can only be cultivated and born in Idaho... so, why can't the rest of us grow it if we're here? Let's look at how growing Idaho's signature crop could land you behind bars.

How To Go To Jail For Growing Idaho Potatoes

Don't approach potato planting the wrong way or you'll face some serious consequences!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Can you imagine being in the slammer and someone asking you what you did?

"I had a whole field of illegally grown potatoes."

That will either get you street cred or something entirely different. Do you agree with this law? Is there anything else that should be illegal but isn't? Let us know here.

Speaking of things that aren't illegal but should be, here is what other Idahoans would outlaw in the Gem State.

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